A Surname List of Immigrants to the US during 1835 - 1889


New Zealand Immigrant Shipping

 from Hamburg 1872 - 1876

Many ships with emigrants from the Scandinavian countries used Hamburg as their port of Departure. The link below takes you to a listing of these ships and a list of surnames of those who travelled on them.

New Zealand Immigrant ships

A name listing of all Danes (including those from the former Schleswig area) emigrating to New Zealand is being transcribed from Danish Government records found on the website. The transcription will give additional information such the names of the towns/parishes and counties the family lived during the time of their application of their assisted passage. Maiden names of their wives and second and third first names are not always on the passenger list. Names which are difficult to read on the handwritten passenger list are generally more correctly listed in the Danish emigration records. Those having problems identifying their correct ancestors from the passenger list, and where they came from in Denmark, will find the transcription a useful tool. The surname list is in alphabetical order showing the name of the ship the person(s) travelled on. It also gives the name of the town they came from as shown on the passenger list as well as the name of the town the emigrant supplied to the Danish emigration authorities at the time of their application. As this is not always the same, I suspect there was some confusion about which town it was meant to be, i.e. the town they were born, the town they were living at the time of the application or the name of the town they had been living most of their lives. It was not uncommon to move to the town of friends or family, prior to emigrating.

Danish Emigration Records

Danish Research

This link will take you to a page with information and tips regarding the use of web sources available to research your Danish ancestors on line.


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